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Mudslingers Art Show & Sale
Information for featured artists

About the show: 
The art show is an annual event held in our home on the 2nd Sunday of November from 1-6pm. Along with my pottery, we also like to feature an artist of 2-dimensional work (because I need all the display surfaces for pottery!). We would like to rotate through a group of artists of our choice. 

We have a wine and cheese (and crackers, and cookies, and candy, and soft drinks, and fruit, and snacks, etc) reception that adds a flair to the event. If the weather is cooperating, we may have LIVE MUSIC perfromed by Jim Crawford! And a fire in our chiminea on the deck where people have gathered to discuss all the purchases they are about to, or have already made (ok, I don't really know what is discussed, but it could happen!). It's a successful show in a great location that is easy for people to find. And they do come! 

What WE do:
- Give you an opportunity to sell your work to a different/new crowd in a comfortable, inviting, and unique environment while having a good time!
- Mail show postcards to my mailing list of about 450.
- Email show info to my email list of about 200.
- Advertise in local newspapers.
- Provide internet exposure by creating a page for you on my website (a brief bio and a few images), or linking to your website.
- Design and provide up to 250 unstamped postcard mailers which will include a photo of your work. 
- Along with whatever you bring to display your framed work, we have: one large floor easel, 2 mantels and as many as 6 walls (depending on picture size), 1 or 2 small tabletop easels.
- Paul collects all the money as a convenience for our customers.  You get your $ (or check) within a few days after the show.
- Sorry, but we do not wrap work other than pottery. If you'd like your work wrapped, then you are welcome to provide the wrapping materials and someone to do the wrapping.

What YOU do:
- Contribute a non-refundable $150 towards the hospitality reception and marketing materials (prior to the postcards being printed), OR 20% commission of your total sales, which ever is higher. We get a large crowd and every year it gets bigger!
- You can bring floor easels (up to 5) with lighting to display your framed work. If you have no easels, we can display work on chairs.
- Bring your work (and display materials, etc) the day before the show and take them home the day of, or the day after the show.
- You should bring a portable portfolio to hold your unframed or matted originals/prints for people to flip through.
- Provide inventory numbers --or some simple way to identify items when they are sold -- and prices on EVERY item.
- If you do not have your own website, I will create a page for you on my website: Please provide a brief biography and sample jpg(s) of your work for the website as soon as possible.
- BE THERE the day of the show!