Burial Facility-3.
It is possible that someone has already heard about the excavations of this necropolis, read materials in the open spaces of the network, watched reports on TV. However, the quality…

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Antique edged weapons
In the Middle Ages, cold steel had a symbolic meaning, which was reflected both in official documents and in literature and visual arts. There were many types of edged weapons.…

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Antique Dolls

Although dolls made of wood, terracotta, cloth and ivory have been preserved since ancient times of Greece and Rome, for most collectors the history of dolls begins in the XVIII century, when in all European countries these toys were carved from wood. Some of them looked realistic with well-proportioned figures. They were not intended for fun, but played the role of miniature mannequins. Fashion designers sent them to the royal courtiers and to American salons so that the ladies there could get acquainted with the latest fashion. Continue reading

10 frightening and disturbing works of art

Among the peaceful portraits and soothing works of art there are eerie old paintings that give viewers a more disturbing look at the world. These famous horror paintings go from slightly weird to completely shocking and crazy. Can you handle these 10 unpleasant works of art? Many have tried, and many have failed.
1. Gernika
One of the most famous paintings by Pablo Picasso, Guernica shows the tragedies of war and the suffering that it inflicts on people, especially innocent civilians. This work acquired a monumental status and became a constant reminder of the cruelty of war.
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Archaeology magazine summed up the outgoing year and made a rating of the most significant archaeological discoveries and finds.
1. The composition of the blue paint of the Maya is disclosed. This Maya paint painted captives intended to offer sacrifices to the gods. This discovery belongs to an anthropologist from Vyton College in Illinois Dean Arnold. He analyzed the remnants of a substance in a sacrificial cup stored in the Field’s Chicago Museum of Natural History. According to the scientist, the paint was made from indigo leaves and clay. Continue reading

Impressionism (fr. Impressionisme, from impression - impression) - artistic style in the art of the last third of the XIX - early XX centuries, which had a great influence on…


Monet Claude Oscar
Claude Oscar Monet was born in Paris on November 14, 1840. When the future artist was five years old, his family moved to the port city of Le Havre on…


PERM STATE ART GALLERY (UGHG). Opened on November 7, 1922 (until 1936 - Art Museum as part of the Perm Regional Museum of Local History). The basis of the collection…