Bone pin of Kampyrtepa fortress. From the history of hairpins
A unique antique monument - Kampyrtepa fortress, located on the right bank of the r. Amu-Darya, 30 km. south-west of Termez in the south of the Surkhandarya region of the…

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Pictures of the Escaping World - Ukiyo-e
Originality - the main feature of the Japanese ukiyo-e engraving. Not having analogies in the art of other countries of the Far East, this system formed the basis for the…

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“Picasso & Khokhlova” in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

In 1917, Sergei Dyagilev’s Russian Seasons experienced difficult times: disappearing sponsors, lack of money, the collapse of touring plans … In Rome, Russian Ballet was preparing the premiere of Parade by Eric Sati staged by Leonid Myasin. Artist librettist Jean Cocteau offered his idol – not very popular among the masses, but well-known to professionals Pablo Picasso.
The choice was successful. In addition to the scandal at the Paris premiere and textbook status in the history of the theater “Parade” remembered secular gossip. Continue reading

The exhibition of national art opened in the “Manege”

The works of Qatari artists and photographers make up almost half of the total number of exhibits: the rest is the works of foreign authors (expats and guest artists) and an impressive collection of historical photography. The tone of this exhibition, in general, oddly enough, sets the photo.
From the photographs of contemporary authors, however, very predictable, the exhibition begins. Here, for example, a large format of work on the current architectural and construction boom in Doha. Continue reading

Exhibition of drawings by the artist in the Russian Museum

The State Russian Museum contributed to the program of the VII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. For all cultural and near-cultural VIPs who flooded the city these days, a visit to the new museum exhibition is clearly a must. We are talking about the exhibition “Unexpected Malevich”, representing one of the most generous gifts received by the State Russian Museum in recent decades, 117 drawings by Malevich from the archive of his student and colleague Anna Leporskaya. Continue reading

Moonlight painting

The Arkhip Kuindzhi exhibition opened in the Tretyakov Gallery, bringing together more than 180 works by the artist and presenting his work from a new perspective – as a forerunner of modernism, which revealed in painting the possibilities of light effects that excite art today. Igor Grebelnikov reports.
The exposition on two floors of the Corps of Engineers is conditionally divided into the “earthly” Kuindzhi with its landscapes written mostly during the day (Valaam and Crimean species, single pines, birch groves, dark oak forests, various states of nature after the rain), and “elevated”, mysterious, mystical. It is dusk, evenings, sunsets, “nights on the Dnieper”, rainbows, clouds and completely out of the general landscape row “Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane”. Continue reading

Soviet and Jewish artist

The outstanding artist of the Soviet era
Honored Artist
Realistic Writing Wizard
Guetzky Semyon Natanovich (Simkha Nusenovich), a Soviet painter was born on May 15, 1902 in Zhytomyr. He graduated from Zhytomyr art school, and later – Kiev Art Institute. He worked as an animator at the Kiev film studio, without ceasing to engage in painting and self-education. Continue reading

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What subjects from Russian museums are foreign states claim
On November 16, the State Museum Collections of Dresden (Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, SKD) opened at once in several of their museums an exhibition with the philosophical name “Kunstbesitz. Kunstverlust. Objekte…


Rococo (French rococo - fanciful, quaint from rocaille - rocky from roc - rock, cliff). Rococo - the original art style, developed in the art of France, the first half…


Military Antiques
The history of weapons and other military subjects is for the most part a series of technical improvements in the means of killing or defending enemies. In addition, gunsmiths pursued…